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Termites are the worst type of insect you can have enter your home, because they cause millions of dollars of damage to homeowners annually. Because they hide in walls and under floors, you need professional termite control exterminators to remove them once they are in your home.

If you believe you have termite problem in your place, your first step should be to call us for a termite inspection. We will come up with a plan of action to get rid of them and provide termite protection plan for your home. However, there are some things that you can do to reduce the 
chance of getting termites in the first place, and having 
a professional termite protection plan is part of it.





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Termite Protection & Prevention Adelaide

Termite protection can be easy and save you money, two good reasons to plan ahead. After you already have a termite infestation, you will be spending quite a bit more money in repairs and treatment. By following these few simple guidelines, you can prevent them from ever getting in your home, saving yourself time, stress, and money.

Termite protection begins with these simple steps:
Remove Termite Attractants
Reducing Moisture and Humidity
See them coming
Put up the Walls
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Steps in Termite Protection



Debris such as wood and even the linings for gardens are great attractants for termites. Make sure that any exposed wood near your home has been treated to help with termite prevention. Otherwise, you are welcoming them into your house. You can also take simple steps such as cleaning up your yard and making sure that any firewood is stacked well away from the house or inside a protected location. You may often see thousand of ants on any wooden objects in your home. Not only the termites, but we also offer quite similar but tailored White Ants Treatments to keep you and your property safe.



Termites are also attracted to high levels of moisture. One simple termite protection is to ventilate your house to help reduce humidity. If necessary, consider running fans to help dry out the air. Another good strategy is to keep your plumbing in good condition and fix any leaks quickly. Prevention is always better than treatment.



One way that you can see them coming is to set up little bait stations around your yard. You should have already removed other food sources as part of the first step. This is one of the best things that you could do to protect your house, because being able to see them coming is the best way to know that you could have an infestation. If you do happen to find termites in your traps, then it is highly suggested that you start checking your home over to find out what may be attracting them. This is also the right time to call Best Pest Control Adelaide, for best termite protection.



One of the best termite protection strategies, is to put up barriers to prevent them from ever coming in your house in the first place. Physical barriers can slow or even prevent the entry of termites into your home. While barriers can’t guarantee that termites won’t ever find a way in, they will force them to leave evidence of their entry points- which can make it easier to find and eliminate them quickly.

Chemical barriers are another option we offer. These will kill or repel termites from vulnerable areas. How long chemical barriers last between applications can vary based on factors such as the chemical used, environmental conditions and other risk factors. Some barriers can last up to 5 years between applications; others will need to be reapplied annually. Your experts at Best Pest Control Adelaide can help you find the right termite protection for your home.
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Mentioned above are just a few termite protection systems to prevent termites from entering. However, if you feel like you have an infestation, you can call our professional Adelaide termite experts to determine how bad the problem is and to recommend proper termite solutions. Feel free to call us today at (08) 6169 5012.
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