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Termites or more commonly known as “white ants” due to their appearance can be hazardous to any structure if left unchecked. So if you’ve seen anything crawling around that matches the description, it’s time to call for help in white ant control adelaidegetting rid of these pesky white ants now before they can even cause unrepairable damages.

White Ant Control Services Available:
White Ant Inspection: Professionals find white ants signs and activity
White Ant Pest Control: Precision removal and treatment of white ant source
Monitoring: White ant protection against future invasion
Our locally based Best Pest Control Adelaide experts are ready to help you with white ant control concerns. Our professional and friendly white ant control team covers all suburbs around Adelaide and had served thousands of happy customers with our ‘do it right the first time’ ethos for all pests and vermin in Adelaide.
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White Ants: What You Need To Know

Termite invasions when ignored can quite literally eat your home which of course causes severe structural damage. In fact, homeowners spend billions of dollars every year repairing their homes for white ant control services, ranking first more than fire and flooding damage combined.

Each and every home can offer warmth, protection, food and water for termite invasion. Regardless of your home’s construction type, unfortunately, termites can find a way in. Thus, white ant control awareness is necessary for all homeowners.

Most insurance policies do not cover termite damage; hence, you will have to pay it yourself. In addition to that, homeowners selling their home will rather have difficulty with buyers due to the significant damages these white ants may have caused.
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Our Professional White Ant Pest Services



Our highly trained staff will first examine your home thoroughly, checking even high-risked areas such as gardens, crawl spaces and other spots where moisture or even standing water is present.

We utilize state of the art white ant control equipment, which includes moisture meters, IR thermometers, and detection systems that are specifically designed for locating termites. Our gear isn’t just for show, it helps to guarantee our white ant control evaluation and our would-be advice to you is accurate as possible.



In the situation that we find a white ant infestation or a high chance of a future invasion, we will sit down and explain the best solution for your problem. Our white ant control services range from using special expanding foam to fill and seal all empty spaces in both interior and exterior walls, around and under slabs and pipes to other treatments like baiting.

Previously stated, moisture conditions are prime real estate for termite activity. These areas can include wood chip piles, roof downspouts and tree stumps. Using bait techniques, we target these locations and by disrupting the molting process that termites require to continue multiplying, we destroy the source of the problem directly.



And when we are all done with treatment of the white ant invasion, we ensure that your home and surrounding area will be monitored regularly for signs of future termite activity. These techniques allow us to provide consistent protection from all termite invasions without damage to the landscape.
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