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Flies and fleas are two of the most common pests that everyone in Adelaide has to contend with.

If you begin to notice some of the telltale signs of flies or fleas, such as flies swarming around your house, little bites covering your legs, or if your pets are scratching excessively, get in touch with us. We'll dispatch one of our certified pest control experts who specialize in dealing with these unwanted pests.

Our team members have received thorough training and are eager to assist you with any issues related to flies or fleas.

Our Fleas & Flies Management Service includes:
Inspection: finding the pests
Treatment: getting rid of fleas and flies
Monitoring: keeping away the fleas and flies
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Our Flea and Fly Pest Control Services

Flea and fly infestations require the help of professional flea & fly exterminators, who not only know the signs inside the house, but also know how they act outside. Our flea and fly extermination service begin by performing a routine home inspection. Once our specialist has determined an infestation, eradication of the pests are then implemented, taking great care to ensure that they don’t come back in the future.

With both flies and fleas, we generally use any combination of baits, dusting powders, flea control products, and aerosol mists to ensure an effective extermination. Our experts will also give you some advice to help reduce these problems such as sealing your windows and doors.

As for your pet, consult your veterinarian and have them examined and checked for worms transmitted from flea bites, to get a proper flea dip and recommend the best fleas control sprays or powders to use to treat your pet.

Free your home from suffering from extreme itching and great discomfort. The quicker you call us to help you, the sooner you enjoy a pest free home environment.

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ants or earwigs, we can help.
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About Fleas and Flies



Fleas are a common nuisance, especially in Adelaide homes with pets. These blood-sucking parasites multiply quickly, laying eggs in pet bedding, carpets, and other close areas. While pets often suffer from flea bites, even people can experience itching or rashes. For those with allergies, flea bites can pose a severe health risk.

Controlling fleas is crucial, not only for your pets but for your family's well-being. If you've recently acquired a home with a history of pets, fleas might still be present in the environment. These relentless insects can jump onto your dogs or cats, causing discomfort and potential allergies.

To combat fleas, maintain good pet hygiene, wash pet bedding regularly, and remove ticks and fleas promptly. Vacuum carpets, boards, and wash living areas to keep fleas at bay. If a flea infestation persists, seek professional flea control services to protect your family and pets from these pesky pests. Don't let fleas take over your home; take action to remain flea-free!



Now, flies however fit the word pest more than fleas do. They are actually very much like the hated cockroach where they pose a health risk to both humans and animals because of how much bacteria they transmit when they bite. They are also identified with different types of viruses like Salmonella and E-Coli which can cause certain diseases such as cholera and hepatitis.

Some species, however, when they bite, only cause itchiness or welts. One thing that you should always remember is that no matter how small these creatures are, they grow rapidly – from an egg to an adult in as little as one week.
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If you think that you are having a flea or fly infestation, our expert team consists of highly trained professionals can simply be reached with just a phone call. No problem is ever too big or too small for us. From mosquito control to mice control – we know exactly what to do on how to get rid of any types of pests and vermin in your home.

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