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The one guest everyone can be sure will show up to any outdoors gathering is your friendly neighborhood mosquito. However, he’s rather like that one family member that everyone prefers to forget is coming, and then ignores for the entirety of the gathering. If you’re fed up with mosquitoes zipping around, sucking the blood of you and your loved ones and then leaving behind itchy bumps for you to scratch, deal with the Best Pest Control Adelaide who can help you make your home and backyard pest-free once again.

We completely understand how aggravating mosquitoes are and we can rescue you from the tiny, unbearable nuisances that zip about your ears and cause all sorts of trouble. We have a crew of highly experienced and trained pest experts ready to help you with your mosquito problem.

Our team of experts handles jobs in any of the suburbs surrounding Adelaide. We only employ technicians with the highest qualifications in pest management and all the necessary licensing to remove your mosquito struggles. We have assisted thousands of clients throughout our years and they always leave happy because of our “get it right the first time” motto. We are ready for any pest issue, whether it’s fleas and fly control or infestations of rats or other pest.
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The Mosquito Control Services we provide include:
Inspecting: We will locate the mosquitoes on your premises
Managing: Taking out the nasty critters
Monitoring: making sure there are protection measures in place so the mosquitoes don’t return to plague you
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What is a Mosquito?

Mosquitoes as a species consist of various tiny, midge-like flies. Some of the mosquito varieties are harmless, and some even have uses. In most species, the females cause all the problems, using their proboscis mouthpieces to puncture your skin and suck up some blood.

Blood loss is seldom the main cause for a problem, if it’s a problem at all. The saliva of a mosquito, however, can often result in irritation that leads to itchy welts. Even more concerning than the rash though is the possibility of spreading diseases. When mosquitoes go from victim to victim, a few varieties will carry terribly dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever.

Most types of mosquitoes can be found resting in cooler spaces during the hottest parts of the day. They wait there until evening, feeding most actively at dawn and dusk. Despite their sluggishness, mosquitoes might bite if bothered during the day.
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Nasty Crawlies?

Anything scary, creepy or crawly, whether it’s cockroaches, spiders, 
ants or earwigs, we can help.
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Professional Mosquito Services

Sometimes, despite your best efforts at preventing a mosquito infestation you end up with the nasty pests in your yard. With us, you are serviced by highly trained and fully certified pest management professionals. We can provide a barrier spraying treatment that not only eliminates adult mosquitoes, but will also destroy the larval stages.

A typical barrier spray treatment contains pyrethin, which is taken from dried chrysanthemum plants and is a natural botanical pesticide. It may also contain pyrethoids, which are synthetic imitations. A barrier spray is typically used on vegetation around the property to kill and paralyze mosquitoes on contact.

Employing a Larvacide can also prove effective when used on standing water. Our mosquito specialists can treat your ditches and ponds to ensure that mosquitoes never reach adulthood.

Life Cycle

If you have a re-occurring or consistent issue with mosquitoes, pest management devices, such as automatic mosquito misting system, might be just the ticket. An auto-spray system lets out a spray for 30 seconds, 2-4 times a day. This spray can eliminate and serve as outdoor mosquito management all over your yard. The systems consist of unobtrusive nylon tubes that connect various nozzles around your property. We will automatically fill and service this system, and prepare it for winter so that you don’t have to worry a bit.

If you prefer not to use synthetic pesticides, our expert technicians are trained to provide natural mosquito management solutions as an option for your mosquito problem. Our all natural methods can be applied all across your property, anywhere mosquitoes are found. We use products such as essential oils and some botanical fragrance that disappears within hours so that you’re not polluting the environment in any way.

To remain effective, we must reapply all-natural solutions every 14 days. Our team of residential pest exterminators is here to help you get rid of mosquitos or other pests. Just let us help you with a quick phone call to schedule a consultation today!
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Mosquito Prevention

They say the best defense is a good offence. The most essential way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to make sure they don’t have an opportunity to settle in the first place. Here are some back yard mosquito control that you can do to prevent mosquitoes yourself.


Eliminate standing water to minimize areas where mosquitoes can breed. Drain pots of flowers, kid toys, and other places where water can pool should be removed or emptied.


Clean gutters. Gutters that are clogged will hold water and give mosquitoes a place to lay eggs.


Cut back your vegetation. Mosquitoes also dine on plant nectar when they are not sucking your blood, so it’s common to find them in thicker vegetation around the property.


Rid yourself of yard debris, like branches and grass clippings. Just like water sources these can prove to be breeding grounds.
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