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Bed Bug Control Adelaide

residential commercial pest control adelaideWhen bed bugs invade your home, someone who is highly trained and experienced in bugs control is what you need. There isn’t a better choice than Best Pest Control Adelaide to inspect and get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Services Include:

• Bed Bug Inspection: Professionals locate the source of the bed bugs
• Bed Bug Control: extermination and treatment of bed bugs. We get rid of Bed Bugs Fast!
• Monitoring: Future protection against future bed bug invasions

eliminating flea infestation adelaidePest Control Adelaide experts are standing by to provide bed bug control services to customers from all over the area. Our professional exterminator for bed bugs have treated bed bug infestations in hotels, apartments and houses – so with hundreds of customers helped throughout the years, we stand by our ethos ‘do it right the first time’ for all pests & vermin Adelaide. Our local experts have vast experience in all types of pests from white ant control to fleas and bed bugs pest control.

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Bed Bugs: What You Need To Know

Bed bugs are the only species from the Cimicidae family that has adapted to live solely with humans. They cannot hop nor fly but with the circulation of furniture, luggage and clothing today, the spread of bed bugs has been rising in the past few years. Bed bugs are active only at night and are normally attracted to exposed skin of a sleeping person. They inject saliva into the host which contains several proteins that usually causes an allergic response from most hosts.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed Bug ControlFemale lay one to five eggs in a day and can lay 200-250 eggs in her lifetime These eggs hatched within 6-10 days which immediately begin to feed as soon they become immature bed bugs. These nymphs molt five times requiring a blood meal before reaching maturity.

Immature bed bugs may live for several months even without feeding and can survive as long as one year. Adult ones on the other hand, will live ten to eleven months under normal circumstances.

Habits of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs prefer to strike while their victim is lying still for hours because they cannot feed on someone who is active. So while the sun is up, they hide deep within mattresses or other protected areas in your home. In just a few months, these can include bedside tables and dressers, joints of bed frames and along box springs.

If the infestation is not detected and left untreated, these bloodsucking insects can easily migrant to adjacent rooms by using the holes produced for plumbing or electrical wiring. And as they travel from room to another room, they occupy picture frames, cracks in ceilings and even door frames. Hotels and apartments are very susceptible to these sorts of high infestations due to each room being connected with wiring and plumbing.

Hotline: (08) 8312 2634

Bed Bug Infestation Signs: How To Spot Them

Because bed bugs burrow deep in protected areas during daylight, it is nearly impossible to see the bugs themselves. However, with a close inspection along mattresses, walls and furniture, there are traces of activity that you can find. Look for small blood stains from bugs that were crushed or their excrement which looks rusty but can be described sometimes as dark. Shed skin or egg clusters can sometimes be found as well. A flashlight will help tremendously when inspecting protected areas such as cracks along the wall or ceiling, crevices along bed frames and side tables.

Preventing Bed Bugs: How You Can Stop Future Infestations

Since bed bugs are quite mobile and can crawl from one room to another, infestation easily grows which makes bed bug control difficult. Bed bugs spread are more common to hotels, apartment complexes and shelters and once introduced, they can readily spread from one infested unit to another.

Caution must be exercised when buying used furniture or clothing. Consider heat treating the item to be sure it doesn’t harbor bed bugs or their eggs.

Before bringing them into your home or building, they should at least be inspected thoroughly for any sign of bed bug infestation. While traveling, it is important to examine the bed and the bed frame which includes along the mattress folds, behind and along the bed frame and the headboard. If you locate signs of bed bugs, notify the hotel’s management immediately and request another room. Be sure to ensure that your new room is not adjacent (including below or above) to the room that you found the infestation in.

Here Is How We Can Help

bed bug control AdelaideBed bug control is not possible for those who are inexperienced at doing so. It takes highly trained bed bug control professionals with the right equipment to completely eliminate these bloodsuckers.

Getting Rid of Bed bugs requires treatment bed bug control services from a professional pest control company like those working for Best Pest Control Adelaide, as they are very much aware with the breeding, life cycle and habits of bed bugs. This allows bed bug control experts to find and treat each and every location where eggs or bugs are found. Bed bug control can come in many different options that can be just right for you. Our services include these solutions for such particular infestation.

Heat: Bed bugs cannot stand high temperatures. Anything above 120 degrees F is fatal for all stages, from eggs to fully grown adults. Our highly trained bed bug control experts will position industrial heaters that will raise the each room’s temperature to 120 F, killing all bed bugs and their eggs.
• Steam:  Directing steam on and into wherever bed bugs may be hiding or depositing their eggs is another tested option. Bed bugs cannot withstand the high heat of a steamer. Our staff will be sure to locate each and every crack, crevice, cranny or nook is treated, ensuring the best bed bug control treatment.
• Conventional Pest Controlling: In some cases, this approach is more recommended as this is more likely to leave a residual, or longer lasting effect. Using selected materials which may be in the form of liquid or dust, will be applied to the area and we ensure our professional bed bug control experts will be mindful of your family, carefully doing their job but keeping you and your family safe.

Get To Know Your Local Pest Control Service in Adelaide

Have you found signs of a bed bug infestation or do you even suspect one? Our friendly bed bug control team, managed by Best Pest Control Adelaide who has over 20 years of experience serving the Adelaide area guarantees to meet your high standards in pest control services. No case is too small or too big for any pest control problem from termite inspection and elimination to rat control.

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