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Termite problems are painfully common, anyone can fall victim to such an infestation. Luckily, our trained termite control team at Best Pest Control Adelaide is here to help you deal with any termite-­related problems. Our licensed termite control specialists provide top quality services at an affordable price. We have over 2 decades of experience in pest control.

In order to get rid of termites, we locate them, conduct chemical treatment and finally prevent them from returning in the future.

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What Are Termites?

Termites are one of the most expensive pests to infest Adelaide properties each year. They cause millions in damage annually, and will infest one third of all building in Australia at some point. 

Termites eat cellulose, plant fiber, and wood being rich in cellulose is one of their favourite meals. They prefer to eat it from the inside out, hollowing out trees, logs or critical support beams in your home until all that is left is a paper­-thin outer shell. While any type of termite can cause significant amounts of damage to wood in and around your home, subterranean termites are one of the biggest problems for property owners. But no worries! Our top Notched Residential Pest Control Services have got you covered.

Since these termites keep their nests underground, they can tunnel under and into homes without any warning. Often homeowners don’t even know there are termites on the property until after they begin to eat through floor or wall supports.

Our termite control treatment program includes:

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Termite infestations are one of the most dangerous pest threats to your home. When ignored, the termite control problem will spread, and eventually cause significant damage to vital elements of your structure. As some materials attract more termites than others do, it is a good idea to perform regular termite control monitoring to make sure that they are not slowly eating away at your home.

While self monitoring and natural termite control are possible, having a professional termite inspection of your Adelaide home at least once a year can save you thousands in repair costs later on. One call to our 24­hour hotline is all it takes to schedule a termite control inspection. With over two decades of experience in pest control, our termite control team will identify and get rid of termites, giving you peace of mind.



Our professional and tailored termite control solutions protect your property with up to a year of free spot termite following our comprehensive termite treatment. In other words, is an infestation returns in the first 6­12 months, our termite control technicians will retreat it, free. Our termite control team has many extermination methods available. We will take all necessary termite control systems to eliminate infestations and prevent them from returning.



The main source of food for termites is cellulose materials. As termite control problems are easier to avoid than get rid of, it is a good idea to remove untreated wood from your home and property. Since termites like a moist environment, making sure you have no plumbing leaks is another method to prevent termites from returning after a termite control treatment.



Our termite control team believes that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. If you are remodeling or having a new home built call Best pest Control Adelaide. We offer several termite control and pest prevention products for construction to provide your home with termite protection for decades to come.

We install non wooden barriers that stop the termites from eating away at your home, as well as chemical barriers such as plastic sheets impregnated with termite treatment chemicals that scare them off. We also offer soil termite control treatments, which create barriers that repel or even kill termites who try to tunnel under your home. Call us today at 08 6169 5012 and find out more about the termite control solutions in Adelaide and its surrounding areas, we offer.
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