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Do you seem to keep finding mouse feces in your home? Have you heard disturbing squeaking noises from various places at night? Chances are your home or business may be facing a rodent infestation.

This is no small issue. Mice multiply quickly which can lead to greater problems in getting rid of them. In other words, you must act fast if you wish to avoid more trouble in the future.

Get in touch with our mice control team and get rid of mice from your home or property. Our qualified rat exterminator team is dedicated to effectively get rid of your mouse infestation problem. During years of service, we have provided thousands of clients with expeditious rat and rodent control solutions. Apart from mice infestations, we also take care of other pests and vermin problems such as cockroach and mosquito infestations.

Our Mice Control Service includes:
Inspecting: locating the mice
Pest Control: removing the mice, we get rid of mice fast!
Monitoring: avoiding future infestations of mice
At Pest Control Adelaide, we are on hand and ready to take action when our clients need us. As much as old fashioned mouse control tips tricks are effective on a smaller scale, when it comes to bigger numbers, it is not so easy to remove these little intruders from your home – and let’s face it – no one wants to have mice running freely around their house. This is where we step in.
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About Mice

Mice, although small seemingly harmless creatures; can present a serious problem for any homeowner. They are small and can fit literally anywhere, mice control adelaidemaking them prone to spreading all kinds of bacteria and diseases. This can affect us, as well as our pets. And as tiny as they are, they can cause significant damage to our belongings. They tend to chew anything they can get their teeth on, like food packages, furniture or cables. This, no doubt, is something you want to avoid.

Our mice control team offers a variety of rat extermination methods to remove these critters from your home or business once and for all. These include modification of their natural environment, exclusion, as well as traditional trapping. The choice of mice control technique is 100% up to you. We, on the other hand, guarantee that we will remove them and keep them from pestering in the future.

Nasty Crawlies?

Anything scary, creepy or crawly, whether it’s cockroaches, spiders, 
ants or earwigs, we can help.
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The Consequences of a Mouse Invasion

Mice, due to their size, are the one of the most common infestation problems in both family homes as well as businesses. Who among us hasn’t had to worry from time to time about rodents infesting our home? You undoubtedly want to keep you food and possession safe from the bacteria that are liable to spread.

We want the feeling of safety for us and our pets. And rodents can help spread parasites, diseases, fleas, etc which are serious threats in our health. Let’s not also forget that they were mostly responsible for the ‘Black Death’ tragedy in Europe centuries ago wherein 50 million were killed due to a bacteria that circulated among wild rodents then.
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How We Deal With The Mice In Your Adelaide Home

Our professional team of mice exterminators will deal with your mice infestation regardless of whether it’s in your home or in your business.



Pest Control Adelaide offers a few types of mice control solutions. These include damage control, which is dedicated to minimizing the damage done to your property until the problem is completely eliminated; rodent management wherein we put a stop to infestation from growing; and full-on rodent removal, wherein we totally get rid of the critters that have ready managed to infest your house, etc.



Our trained team of mice control experts is guaranteed to eliminate the pests in a three-part procedure, which includes disinfection, rodent-proofing and exclusion as well as the reduction of population with the use of traps and rodent poisons.



To prevent these rascals from getting into your home, consider seeking help from mice control experts. We at pest control Adelaide are ready to help the best way we can. Our mice control team will close off any entry points as well as conduct more complex procedures for you to finally have a mouse-free home you deserve.

We will take care of all of your needs. Check us out today to find out more about our mice control solutions.
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The Best In The Industry

About Our Pest Control Service in Adelaide

So if you feel you might be victim of mice infestation, don’t hesitate! Call Pest Control Adelaide today. Our mice control experts will gladly help you with the steps required to take in order to regain a safe, clean, rodent-free home.

At Pest Control Adelaide we will take care of all of your pest problems – once and for all. Contact us today to inquire of our pest control services such as termite inspection and treatment, mice control, bed bug control, flea and fly control, and so much more.





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