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Pests and Vermin Adelaide

Many types of insects, vermin and assorted creepy crawlies inhabit Adelaide. We at Best Pest Control Adelaide specialise in eliminating these pests from your home or office, and keep them from coming back.

With a reputation gained through more than 20 years of experience, Best Pest Control Adelaide has become a leader in the latest pest control procedures. Everything from the bedbugs that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, to the millipedes that just give you the creeps can be quickly and safely eliminated from your home, or place of business, leaving you with a safe and comfortable place to live or conduct 
your business. We have pest control experts that are able to 
deal with all forms of Pest Control in Adelaide.





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Pests & Vermin Common in Adelaide


White ants are another name for termites because of their pale, ant-like appearance. These insects are voracious eaters who do millions of damages each year. If you suspect of white ants invading your home, we advise you to call a professional right away.

Our white ant pest control experts in Adelaide can let you know the best ways to control white ants, getting rid of them now, and keep them from coming back in the future. Contact the finest in pest control services for your area at Best Pest Control Adelaide by calling (08) 6169 5012 to eliminate any white ant problems you may have.
white ant control


Bedbugs are going to have to find a new place to sleep. Regardless of where you live in Adelaide, you may rest easy tonight. We have a Bed Bug pest control team standing by to solve your bed bug problem.


These pesky little creatures can make a mess of any home or business in Adelaide. They like to burrow into ventilation shafts, chew up electrical wiring, and do a great deal of damage to air conditioning systems in many homes and businesses. They can also spread fleas and flea borne illnesses.

As with any other infestation, a rodent problem will continue getting worse until it is dealt with. Don’t let these small invaders take over the nooks and crannies of your home. Call our rat control experts in Adelaide and let them take care of the problem once and for all.
rodent control
mice control


As cute as they may seem, mice can become very annoying if they get too close to humans. Along with carrying bacteria and parasites, with all the associated diseases, these smaller cousins of the rats are notorious for contaminating food sources. Often attracted to any food, mice will find their way in even through a crack of only a quarter inch. Mice can also cause a great deal of property damage by chewing through anything that gets in their way, whether it may be wood, paper, cardboard or wiring.

We have specialists in mice control in Adelaide that can help you by removing of these uninvited guests from your home or place of business. They use a variety of methods, both lethal and non-lethal, to eliminate the infestation. Some of these include changing the rodent’s habitat, blocking up outside access, and trapping.


These annoying, biting insects are some of the most common that both people and animals are faced with on a daily basis all over the world. While there are many home remedies on the market, to be certain of removing a flea or fly infestation may require professional help.

We have experts working for us that know how these pests behave. They can find not only the ones visible to the eye, but also the ones you cannot see. When our teams are on the job, there is nowhere for these pests to hide.

If you do find yourself having a problem with fleas, or flies, be sure to get an expert opinion of which species you may have. This will help our professionals advise you on the best ways to control the fleas and flies now and in the future.
fly control
cockroach control adelaide


These incredibly adaptable and invasive insects have the ability to thrive in almost any kind of environment. Before contacting the Best Pest Control Adelaide team, try to eliminate whatever food source might be attracting these insects to your home. Doing this will help in keeping them from coming back once our team have done their job. Give us a call today to discuss our cockroach control options.


While bees can be helpful in some areas, they do not belong in your home or business. Nobody likes to get stung. If you have a problem with bees or wasps anywhere around your home or business, our professionals can quickly eliminate the problem in a safe manner. This procedure can be very hazardous, so, unless the nest or hive is baseball sized or smaller, please don’t try to remove it yourself.

All of our Adelaide bee & wasp control experts are equipped with specialized clothing to help keep them safe on the job. We treat nests with chemical sprays specifically designed for maximum effectiveness in controlling wasp’s nests.
bee control
spider control


Many of these creatures may be considered harmless, but most people would prefer they not be in their homes. Get in touch with Best Pest Control Adelaide at (08) 6169 5012 for the best pest control in Adelaide and we will help you fix your spider issues.

Spiders help control other insects through predation. While this can be a good thing, the fact that spiders are building their webs in your home may be an indicator that you might have too many insects for them to feed on. Before they get out of control, call us as soon as you can to discuss our Adelaide spider control services.


Our team at Best Pest Control Adelaide has expertise in solving whatever silverfish issues you may have in your home. You may find these little pests crawling around your home, their covering of silvery scales giving them a white, glistening appearance. They may not be difficult to control, but giving us a call about our silverfish control and treatment services can make it even easier. Best Pest Control Adelaide has a variety of methods they employ to get rid of any unwanted guests like silverfish.
silverfish control

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