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pest inspectionPest inspection means having the building visually inspected, whether it is outside, inside, or even in the crawl space. Our qualified staff will thoroughly look over your home inside and out. Along with pest inspection, we will also check for dry rot, wood­-destroying organisms, and wood that is touching the ground. These pest control services can help any place from being overrun with pests.

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Our Adelaide Building Pest Inspection look for:

Rats and mice

pest inspectionThere are several different signs that you could have rodents infesting your house. Things like gnaw marts or droppings are just a couple of them. The trained pest inspection experts at Best Pest Control Adelaide know every sign to look for, however small it may be.


Pest birds can build their nests in any spot such as a ventilation pipe or even a chimney. If you happen to find any of the common indications that you may have a bird infestation, make sure you call us today to come out and conduct pest inspection in your home with the best pest inspection quote.


pest inspectionOur pest inspection staff knows exactly where to look for insect infestations. We will thoroughly check all areas in your home, if there’s a place where they could be hiding, we will find it.
We will also conduct pest inspection outside the house such as, trash storage, flowerbeds, or even sheds.

Bed bugs

pest inspectionBed bugs are among the most difficult pests to find if you are unsure what you are looking for. They are generally tricky to find, but one easy way to spot them is to look for rust looking spots in the bed. We guarantee that all of our employees are thoroughly trained in pest inspection so that we can ensure nothing will be missed.


pest inspectionAnts are one of the most prevalent pests that you can find in your household. Our well-trained staff is able to find the tell­tale signs that you may have an ant infestation. A few very easy signs that you can look for would be long thin trails of ants, cracks in the walls and little rustling sounds. While ants may be tiny, their nests can grow large enough to produce noise.


pest inspectionRoaches are insects that roam at night, so you normally will not notice if you have an infestation until it is a large one. However, a few visible signs that mean you could possibly have an infestation could be feces resembling coffee grounds, dead roaches, or even unpleasant smells.


pest inspectionEven though there are a couple different species of termites, finding these pests uses the same basic concepts. Our pest inspectors conduct termite inspection and look for signs such as buckling wood, swollen walls, or areas that appear to have slight water damage.

Hotline: (08) 8312 2634

If you believe that any of these pests are invading your home, or you would just like annual pest inspections, call us today at pest control Adelaide (08) 8312 2634 to discuss your options.

Our pest controllers are readily available to handle any pests for both residential and commercial pest control services in Adelaide.

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We are here to exterminate any pests, whether creepy, crawly, or fast.

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