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Bee & Wasp Control: 
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Our Adelaide pest experts have been professionally trained and are ready to help you when you are in need of any pests and vermin solutions such as bee removal and wasp management.

No matter the size of a bee or wasp nest is, it is not easy to dispose of them correctly, and you should never attempt to do so on your own. All of our bee specialists have special gear designed to keep them safe when working with hives and nests.

All of our Adelaide customers have been completely satisfied with our “do it right the first time” work. No matter what kind of home infestations you have, may it be cockroach control or termite trouble, we are well equipped to handle your every need. Our bee services include :

Bee Inspection: finding the bees & wasps

Bee Removal: eliminating the wasps & bees

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About Bees in Adelaide

Bees and wasps typically pose no threat to humans unless there's a severe allergy involved. While a single wasp may not be a cause for concern, the situation can become painfully problematic if you discover a hive, potentially housing hundreds or even thousands of them within your living space.

If you observe their numbers on the rise, reach out to us for assistance in ensuring a sting-free and less painful environment. Our top-notch extermination techniques guarantee the complete removal of the entire hive, putting a definitive end to the issue by eradicating any lingering hive remnants. We recommend waiting at least 48 hours for the bee treatment to take full effect. Additionally, we'll provide valuable advice on how to manage them to prevent their return in the future.

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Bee Removal: Why Use a Professional

Normally just a few wasps or bees is not a problem, but if not prevented, they could be nesting inside your house and increase in numbers before you know it. Disrupting a nest can be a lot easier than you may think. Just a slight bump of the nest, or any vibrations in the near area can cause an angry hoard to attack.

Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that you take care of any nests as soon as you become aware of them. However, we do not recommend taking care of them yourself, unless you have the right knowledge in bee and wasp control. And if the hive is anything above a baseball size, we still recommend asking help from the professionals for necessary bee eradication solutions.

Signs of a Bee or Wasp Infestation

Wasp or bee nests can be made out of chewed up wood pulp and their saliva creating those papery like walls that you know of. Normally, nests are built in a sheltered area that have both adequate shelter and availability. These could include corners of walls, under porches, roof overhangs, and even in vehicles.

Once a nest is built, it tends to build in size quite rapidly, especially during summer. Hence, it is advisable to deal with their nest in spring, before they have chance to start working on it again. If you are not sure where they are coming from, you can usually watch how they fly to figure out where the nest is. For more information on bees in Adelaide or Australia, click here

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About Our Bee Removal Service in Adelaide

If you have any of bee and wasp control needs, Best Pest Control Adelaide is simply just a phone call away. Our staff is both friendly and has been trained in proper bee and wasp handling by the best professionals we have. No job is too big or small, whether it be spider control, or a massive cockroach infestation problem – we are ready to serve you.





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