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Termites are one of the many bugs that can cause a great deal of damage to your home. If they are left to multiply, they can eventually cause extensive damage to the structure of your house. Some properties, such as log cabins, tend to harbor termites more than others, and should treat them more often. However, if you live in a house made mostly of bricks or stone, you most likely won’t have to be as concerned about termites.

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Termites can cause a great deal of damage to the stability of your home, causing it to be structurally unsafe, and could potentially lower the value of your house. Because of this, it is very important to remove them as soon as possible, before they can result in substantial amounts of damage. Most termites are subterranean; therefore most of them live and burrow underground making them hard to notice. Our certified termite specialists have been trained to identify signs of termites during the inspection by observing the following factors:

Spongy Wood

Termite Debris

Mud Holes

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Signs of Termites



Our termite specialists commence the inspection by searching for any signs of damage caused by termites. The damage can be out in plain sight, or it might be nearly impossible to see. Termites can cause the wood flooring to bow slightly as they chew through the wood. They create their tunnels with a mud-like substance, this substance is excreted while they are tunnelling, thus giving the wood “spongy” appearance.



Another sign to look for is small holes that look like mud. Termites leave behind a substance which resembles mud when they burrow. Most of the time, you will be able to see this around the foundation of your house, or on the supports for your flooring and roofing. Our pest control technician checks all possible entry points to see if there are any tunnel openings. Some entrances can be impossible to see, like those under the foundation of a house. However, they can enter a house in many rather obvious areas. Any crack in a window where water collects, or even in a garage where it might be warm or damp could be easy points of entry.



Even though some termites’ entrances may be underneath your house, you are still able to find signs of their colony. These signs include debris such as pellet shaped droppings and molted wings.

Our termite inspection is on the leading edge of efficiency. We are able to catch any infestation quickly so that you can deal with it early on. Our trained pest inspectors is capable of taking on any assignment, and is able to provide the termite removal services needed in caring for your home. This is what enables our termite specialists to properly protect your home from these unwanted visitors. Our populartermite protection ensures that any pests infesting your home will be removed, and returns will be prevented.
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