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Call Pest Control Albert Park and get the BEST RATES in Albert Park for stopping rodents, termites, pests, insects or any other nasty, crawly creepy things! Our fleet of Pest Control experts are there in your area Right Now!

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Pest Control Albert Park

We stop pests, rodents, insects and any nasty creepy, crawly things FAST.

We Work All Suburbs – Residential, Commercial and Retail. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. (08) 6169 5012

If you are experiencing a pest invasion in your home or business, you don’t need to worry any longer! Just call Allstate Pest Control Albert Park today and find out how our team of skilled specialists can help you eliminate your all state pest control logoproblem once and for all. Family owned and operated since 1986, we take pride in our services, dedicated to making you, your family and your clients safe. We take on everything, from rodent infestation to spider invasions. Whatever your problem may be, rest assured that we have a solution for it.

We have well-trained and licensed pest management professionals who are practitioners of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We are active members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) and have consistently complied with their highest possible accreditation standards. We are also associates of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and have never failed to adhere to the industry’s highest standards of professional and commercial conduct.

Call us today if you have any questions. Just dial (08) 6169 5012 and get in touch with one of our professionals.

Hotline: (08) 6169 5012

Kids Safe, Pets Safe

safe pest control Albert Park

At Pest Control Albert Park we understand how important the security of your loved ones is. Through decades of kid safe pet safe pest control Albert Parkexperience, we have developed a wide range of solutions for getting rid of pest problems. We offer non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods that will ensure the well-being of your children and pets.

Allstate Pest Control undertakes environmental management processes that eliminates threats and hazards to the environment and strives to constantly comply with the AS/NZS ISO14001 Environment Management Systems Standard.

Contact us for any questions. One of our pest control Albert Park specialists will gladly explain our process and we will help create a tailored solution to your problem.

Pest Control Services

pet safe pest control Albert ParkOver the decades, Allstate Pest Control has secured its place as one of the main pest control services in the Albert Park area. We understand the seriousness of pest problems, that’s why we are prepared to act fast in any situation. We believe in NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, which is why you are fully secured and guaranteed with our services. Regardless of whether it’s a business you own or simply your family home, we will inspect your building and eliminate any pests and vermin.

Pest Inspection

If you fear your home or business may have become infested by a certain pest, don’t hesitate to contact Best Pest Control Albert Park. We will perform a thorough pest inspection to locate the source of the infestation and rid you of the problem, once and for all.

Hotline: (08) 6169 5012

Building Pest Inspection Albert Park

spiders pest control Albert ParkThere is no need to feel embarrassed. Pest infestations are among the most common problems that property owners face. The key thing is to act fast, before the problem gets out of hand. To ensure your complete safety, you may be required to leave the house for several hours during chemical airing process. It is important to make sure that your pets are also removed cockroach control in Albert Parkfrom your home while the treatment is underway. Depending on the type of infestation, you may also have to remove food items from your kitchen and storage space as well. Our professionals at Best Pest Control Albert Park want to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe. Call us today to schedule a meeting: (08) 6169 5012

Commercial Pest Control Albert Park

Nothing is quite as unprofessional as a business infested by a variety of pests. We aim to make sure that your employees are working in safe, pest-free environment and that your customers feel secure. We take action fast, in order to ensure business continuity.

Hotline: (08) 6169 5012 


termites pest control Albert ParkThose of you who have experienced termite infestation at least once in your life know that this is no small issue. Termites can cause severe damage to homes or business. The repairs are often costly which is why it is imperative to act fast if you suspect you property may have been infested by termites.

The sooner you take action, the less damage you will face in the long run. We are always ready to help with any termite problem. Our termite treatment services in Albert Park will eliminate termites and take measures to ensure they do not return in the future.

Termite Inspection Albert Park

Some buildings are more prone to termite infestations than others. If you fear your home may have become infested, it is time to act quickly. Don’t be fooled by their size, termites can single-handedly ruin and cause serious damage to any home, and in some cases the damage may be extensive if not dealt with fast.

Termite Treatment

Albert Park pest control logoAt Allstate Pest Control we are dedicated to our customers. We offer our customers up to a year of free spot treatments in the event the termite problem returns. We have a wide range of methods for eliminating and preventing termites. We make use of high quality products such as Sentricon II Termite Control, Kordon Termite Barrier and Premise Termite Elimination. Our commitment to your satisfaction means we take special care in making sure the problem does not reoccur.

Hotline: (08) 6169 5012

Termite Pest Control Albert Park

termites control by pest control Albert ParkApart from being attracted to all types of timber, termites (also known as “white ants”) are partial to moist environments. That is why it is a wise idea to prevent more serious problems by fixing any leaks and lowering your building’s humidity as part of a total termite prevention plan. Treating the termites in your home isn’t enough when you leave them easy access to lumber and water that will just attract a second infestation. Have a regular inspections arranged with a pest controller to prevent these termites from destroying your house’s very foundation.

Termite Protection

You can protect your home from termites during the building phase, by simply installing barriers such as metal and cement materials. Apart from these physical barriers, you can also use chemical solutions to ensure that termites leave your home alone. This includes chemical treatment of the ground around your home, which scares off the termites. By fighting back on both a chemical and a physical level (building materials that termites are not able to chew through), you can protect your home from damage.

White Ant Pest Control Albert Park

termite control Albert ParkWhen you see what you think are white ants, you probably have termites. We offer a wide range of White Ant Control methods to help put a stop to these pale invaders from physical up to chemical barriers to prevent them from gaining access. Call us today to find out about our white ant (or termite) inspection, control and protection services.

Bed Bug Control

bed bug pest control Albert ParkBed bug infestations are considered one the most annoying and difficult pest problems. These tiny bugs are not easy to find. One sign that your bed may indeed be home to a colony of bed bugs may be reddish brown spots on your bed. Our bed bug control specialists will ensure the elimination of the entire problem and restore your peace of mind.

Rodent and Rat Control

rat pest control Albert ParkOnly those who have previously experienced a rodent infestation on their property will be able to comprehend the true extent of damage these small creatures are capable of doing. Apart from chewing on literally everything they can find, they also carry bacteria, diseases and fleas. Rodents are dangerous to both our pets and us. The sooner you realize that they have become a problem and take action, the less damage will be done to your property. Best Pest Control Adelaide will gladly step in and help you deal with your rodent control problem.

Mice Pest Control Albert Park

mice control in Albert ParkRegardless of their size, mice can present a huge problem for your home or business. They can do damage to your personal belongings, as well as contaminate your water and food. Even more serious is the fact that they are known to spread a number of diseases, bacteria, fleas, etc. Protect yourself, your pets and your belongings. We offer a number of mice control solutions to get mice off your property, such as trapping and environment modification.

Hotline: (08) 6169 5012

Flies & Fleas Control

flies pest control Albert ParkOne of the most common insect problems for both humans as well as animals are flies and fleas. This is not a problem to ignore and will not go away on its own. These creatures can carry numerous diseases and transmit viruses. They also multiply at a disturbing speed and are capable in hiding away in small spaces in your home due to their size. This is where our professionals step in to help you control the fleas and flies using proven extermination techniques.

Mosquito Pest Control Albert Park

Mosquitoes are small insects that can carry deadly diseases. If you notice your home has become infested by them contact us immediately for help. Dial (08) 6169 5012 and talk to one of our professionals about mosquito control today.

Cockroach Control

cockroach infestation in Albert ParkCockroaches are insects that are extremely difficult to get rid of. They multiply and adapt to almost any environment. They carry many types of bacteria on their bodies and produce an awful, musty stench. If you are having cockroach problems call Pest Control Albert Park right away and let us help you eliminate them.

Bees & Wasps Control

bees control Albert ParkBees and wasps tend to build their hives around homes (particularly in roofs), sheds and garages. This can present a big problem for you, especially if you are allergic to them. If you do not possess the proper gear and protection to safely remove a bee or wasp hive, we do not recommend trying to do it yourself. Leave this to our team of bee and wasp control professionals. We have a wide experience in chemically eliminating wasp and bee nests. Don’t allow the problem to get out of hand. Call us today and find about more about our pest control methods.

Spider Pest Control Albert Park

spider control Albert ParkAlthough not everyone is squeamish about spiders, not many of people want them scurrying freely around their homes, either. Spiders can fit anywhere and infest your living space, build webs and lay hundreds of eggs. Don’t allow your spider control problem to get out of hand. While not all spiders present a direct threat to your health, this is not an issue you want to ignore. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

Hotline: (08) 6169 5012

Silverfish Control

silverfish pest control Albert ParkAt Pest Control Albert Park we will gladly help you get rid of your silverfish problem. These common insects live in almost every home. They are small, seemingly harmless creatures covered in silvery plates. They are found most commonly in bathrooms and if your house has become infested by them, you most likely have witnessed them scurrying for cover when switching on a light. Call us and get started on a silverfish control treatment today.

Organic Pest Control Albert Park

In order to remove rodents such as mice and rats from your home, we may suggest sticky traps. Find out more about this technique by dialing (08) 6169 5012 and talking to one of our trained specialists.

Pest Inspection Albert Park

flea infestation Albert ParkOur trained professionals are fully qualified to help rid your home of unwanted guests. We will gladly answer any questions you might have, and explain the available solutions to whatever infestation or pest control issue you may be experiencing. We offer inspections to confirm and evaluate the presence of infestations, as well as regular monitoring to help prevent pest control issues before they happen.   

Insect Pest Control Albert Park

spiders pest control Albert ParkWhen uninvited visitors such as cockroaches, ants, spiders or bees decide to infest your home, it is time to call Pest Control Albert Park. We exterminate infestations of any insect that dares to invade Australian homes and businesses.

Bird Pest Control

Birds seem harmless and aren’t thought of as pests. In fact, most of us probably regard them as useful creatures.  That is, of course, unless you have had birds build their nests around your property. From the unsightly messes they leave on our property and the diseases and parasites they carry, birds can become a nuisance fast. Our team of highly skilled specialists will remove birds from your home, without harming them. We also work to make sure that they do not return in the future. Call us today if you are experiencing any such problems and we will present you with a variety of solutions to painlessly remove them from your home or business.

Hotline: (08) 6169 5012

Our business has mobile vans spread out through the Albert Park area. Feel free also to come visit us in our main headquarters if you wish to talk to us in person.

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